Doc Zeus is okay with Anthony Bennett too. Looking back on the past fifteen years of hip hop, one of the biggest blown opportunities was that the misguided dogma of mainstream and independent hip hop fans prevented a generation of talented performers from collaborating. A self-imposed segregation of the genre helped stifle overall creativity, create […]
Max Bell does not go to sleep with pictures of a Porsche on his wall. My walls still have Michael Jordan posters all over them. John Stockton and Magic Johnson  too. Yes, I wanted to play in the NBA. No, it didn’t happen. But Danny Brown has better dreams. He goes to sleep with porn stars […]
The Dao of Donnis June 22, 2012
Max Bell still won’t co-sign Uffie. Donnis is bad. And I don’t mean that like how Michael Jackson meant it, which is more meaningful I think. His music is made for stuck up white girls with too much money and guys who like them. Which is another way of saying it’s for the ‘hit next’ […]