An Interview With Jake Muir February 27, 2024
Michael McKinney speaks to the electronic artist/field recordist about pursuing a queer narrative in sound art, not recording his first music until 25, creating each album from a conceptual angle and more.
Wolfgang Mowrey speaks to the founders of ULYSSA Records, John Williamson & EO Deines, about how Miles Davis and Sega Genesis inspired the "toejazz" aesthetic, the power of discovering music without the algorithm and more.
Will Hagle speaks to the POW rapper about the layers of his new ten-minute, one-track album, how horror movies depict reality, why Scream is the best horror movie to watch on a date and more.
Pranav Trewn speaks to the former Das Racist rapper about his new album LAFANDAR with producer Lapgan, the development of his brand and label Veena, his dreams of being a teacher coming to life at NYU and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to the duo behind one of the finest NYC clubs Nowadays, about the parties and DJs that opened their curiosity to the underground, building a community and much more.
Will Hagle speaks to the rap duo about their new album, "The Legend of ABM," making an impact through social commentary, their Chicago rap roots and more.
Sophie Steinberg speaks to the LA-based 'mermaid rock & roll" band about using their music to reflect the various ups and downs of being in your 20's, their new album 'Charmed' and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to the German electronic music pioneer about how his latest album Silencio explores the history of Italian opera, listening to music in three dimensions, and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to the Seattle-based DJ about contributing to their own SoundCloud streams, the distinction between "dance" and "dance music", the effects of being given their first trance CD mix by their brother at 11 and more.
An Interview With Anenon January 17, 2024
Will Schube speaks to the L.A.-based producer about how he translate emotions into his instrumentals, getting his start playing the sax out of an attempt to make his electronic music more interesting, why there would be no such things as singles if it were up to him and more.