Joel Biswas takes a look at Janelle Monae's latest LP, 'Dirty Computer.'
If you touch Evan Nabavian, you’ll get shocked Janelle Monae endeared herself to everybody and their moms with the sassy brass of “Tightrope” and its surrealist dance party video. The Tightrope, her tuxedo, and her hair landed her on festival and award show stages. But the video for “Electric Lady” states her star power like […]
Joshua Lerner has bow tie envy. Five minutes into the video for Janelle Monae’s new single, “Q.U.E.E.N.,” there is a cut to a man in a tuxedo clacking out a repeated line on a typewriter: “We will create and destroy ten art movements in ten years.” Like the rest of the song and video, this […]