HudMo moves from maximalist thump sound to universal pop appeal.
Kyle Ellison is on that Bronx smooth ish Kanye is known for having a receptive ear, but it’s fair to say that Hudson Mohawke’s road to G.O.O.D. Music would have been rockier had it not been for TNGHT. The two producers share some DNA – or rather HudMo grew up on West and Just Blaze, […]
The hidden leather glove of G.O.O.D. music returns with a banger so absolute that Cyhi was sentenced to six hours in the dungeon upon a cursory dismissal of “Chimes.” I expected trap to be deader than DeLoreans by now, but it’s basically subsumed dubstep as the drug of choice by those who shouldn’t be trusted […]
The rap world only discovered HudMo in the past year, but it didn’t take them long to sharpen their fangs for the old-fashioned swag dracula. He’s now on G.O.O.D. Music, in which his skills will inevitably be conscripted to ensure that Big Sean stays in our minds, hearts, and the breast pockets of our denim […]
Hudmo Gets Snippy March 15, 2013
Jonah Bromwich can’t take no more [blackbirdpie url=”″] That’s Hudson Mohawke, chiming in on the album that everyone, including yours truly is talking about.  A funny coincidence, because “Sweet Silverskin,” an unreleased track from 2010, has an unmistakable Timbaland vibe, drum machines, sequenced horns  and laid back party atmosphere.  Of course, HudMo’s always been on […]
I will imagine that Disclosure took their name after a night of drinking Merlot, playing Taboo, and watching the Michael Douglas-Demi Moore psycho-sexual thriller. This is one of the best mergers of house music, future R&B, and the purple beats of Bristol circa 2010, that I’ve ever heard. It’s also what Kanye’s next record will […]
Photo via LA Weekly The Essential Mix is both challenge and a rite of passage. You get two hours to summarize your entire style, selecting songs that have influenced the entirety of your musical career. There are a bunch of routes to take. You can lean heavily on your our own music, stay current and […]
This song has been blowing the Low End Theory to smithereens for at least a month. Play it loud enough and duck. Props forever due to those foghorn “Down Bottom” brass. Judging by how close HudMo has been getting to the G.O.O.D. Music camp, I would not be surprised if he is fully Swag Dracula’d […]
Son Raw don’t like your kind, you a bougie hoe. Lunice and Hudson Mohawke have apparently had enough of canny interlopers borrowing bits and pieces of their swag for the purpose of multi-million dollar rap hits. To be honest, I’m not too sure what they’re talking about: the dialogue between their luminescent brand of bass […]