Menace II Society at 25 September 27, 2018
Jesse Taylor takes an in-depth look at the pivotal 1993 classic
How the greatness of Young Thug is ruining one man's nuptial bliss.
Jesse Taylor recaps the breakout hit's finale.
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Jesse Taylor recaps the season's best new show and appraises invisible cars.
Racially profiled and harassed by police as an L.A. teenager, a black cop shares his story while discussing hip hop’s impact on police procedures.
Who is Ice Cube? June 13, 2014
Jesse Taylor doesn’t know but today seems kind of odd Prologue December 24, 1992 Floating high amongst trees grazing wind-blown leaves was a pitch-black figure approaching a large home. It passed through the stucco exterior and inside the walls. In the master bedroom snoring loudly was rap music legend Ice Cube. He cuddled against his […]