Peter Holslin can’t think of anything funny to say. Just as Philip Seymour Hoffman stole the show in countless movies, so too did the Spaceape bring life to classic dubstep tunes. A poet, vocalist and performer, the man born Stephen Samuel Gordon was best known for his ferociously singular voice—a chest-caving, barking, murmuring monotone, which […]
Kyle Ellison alternated with the greatest and updated his speech When you have a voice like Flowdan’s it doesn’t take much to evoke straight-up fear through the system. Paired with Footsie’s beat on ‘Ambush’ – a sinister hybrid somewhere between grime and trap – the Roll Deep emcee creates what Peep Show’s Super Hans might […]
The Essential Kode9 Mixes February 21, 2013
Look, I don’t have time to delve into the eight hours of classic Kode9 mixes that the Hyperdub don placed on his Soundcloud earlier this morning. The Jerry Buss Memorial live-stream is on and Magic Johnson is set to deliver a poignant speech about the great times and women that he and the former Laker […]