After 34 months in jail, Drakeo drops one of 2020's best projects
Best New Rapper: Blueface August 15, 2018
Miguelito takes a look at ascendant L.A. rapper Blueface.
Max Bell’s hall closet is cluttered with heat Rap is one of the few genres where listeners expect an artist to write his or her own lyrics. Biting is grounds for eviscerating rebuke, and, in some circles, banishment. Those with ghostwriters are exposed like [insert ‘fappening’ celebrity]. So it goes that rap songs and rap […]
Max Bell guesses like the jeans Prolificacy is usually equated with prominence. Raise your digital flag daily or sink amidst the coded stream. Rappers usually feel compelled to bear this burden more than most, fearful of being relegated to blog freezers. Thankfully, there are rappers like L.A.’s Versis, those who’ve long risen above the fear, […]