Will Hagle explains why East Long Beach MC Saviii 3rd deserves to be on your radar.
A trippy duo from Long Beach channels Tha Dogg Pound
The best writers freeze specific details in each frame. For Vince Staples, it’s the screen door, swinging back and forth as his father Nate serves fiends. It’s Long Beach in the 90s, the last lingering peak of the crack era, right after Snoop turned an LBC sweatshirt into a symbol of neighborhood pride. Spike Jordan […]
“Way back” is now defined as 2005-2006, proving that the only thing you are guaranteed in life is that it will eventually pass you by. Whether you’re reminiscing on Gazelle’s and Pelle Pelle or watching The Wood while wearing Fubu Jackets and wave caps, nostalgia is inevitable. One day Soulja Boy will be played on […]
The Brown Noise ordinarily rumbles here. If you’ve paid attention to the mainstream media’s coverage of the California hip-hop scene over the past few years, you’d be forgiven if you thought that all the region had to offer rap-wise was a sea of Oakland slap hustlers, TDE, Odd Future wannabes, and post-hyphy skinny jean advocates.  […]