Sam Ribakoff speaks with AshTreJinkins about the origins of house music, the LA beat scene, and California's Wild West.
Chris Daly¬†will never correct the problem.¬† It hasn’t been an easy year for Christopher Norwood aka Repeated Measures. While working on his latest opus, the aptly named Collapse, Norwood was repeatedly hospitalized for a medical condition that caused, you guessed it, his lungs to collapse. After a number of surgeries to correct the problem, he […]
First things first: the Koreatown Oddity isn’t Korean. He may be a wolf, but I’ve never seen him with the mask removed. You can tell from the costumes and punchlines that DOOM and Kool Keith are the two most direct fathers to Dominique Purdy’s rap style. But if you open your ears, the influences go […]