Sam Ribakoff speaks with AshTreJinkins about the origins of house music, the LA beat scene, and California's Wild West.
If you’re the sort of British dance producer who wears a scarf in photo-ops, odds are your music will fall back on the slightly nostalgic handbag house era of the early 90s. And you can hear the sequin evening gown ghosts of Robin S and CeCe Peniston in Duke Dumont’s music. You also hear a […]
Adam Wray needs you at least 73.7 percent. Listen to music long enough and you realize it moves in circles. What was popular twenty years ago will be discovered by kids on the come up, and bits of that old sound will become new again. Right now, the sounds of early house are catching their […]
Fort Romeau Will House You September 28, 2012
Photo via Jose Flores I assume that the idea of house music is anathema to 94 percent of this site’s readership. The genre has long since been stereotyped as the province of over-gelled fist-pumpers and aptly mimicked by the “ooncha ooncha” sound. You know what I’m talking about even if you don’t know what I’m […]