Yousef Srour returns to deliver the latest edition of The Rap-Up, featuring a new care-free Robb Bank$ track, ZAYALLCAP's latest re-imagining of autotune, new Armand Hammer and more.
'Ders and Dennis and DJ Rafal, Gibbs, Rawse, Thugger, Fall Out Boy ft. Migos, wait what? And much more, it's the freakin' Rap Up ya ghouls!
It took every ounce of restraint for Deen not to make an “It Wasn’t Me” joke. I’ll probably go into this at a later date, but a shockingly large amount of my favorite rap in 2012 has come from beige-colored rappers. I know, disappointing. I’m becoming more tolerant in my old age. I suppose the […]