The latest loosies from Russ are more than enough reason to pay the young emcee attention.
We’re presenting a rap show on Thursday for people who like rap shows. Maybe you enjoy a good old fashioned rap show? If not, maybe you have accidentally clicked onto the wrong site. The confusion may be my fault. We are in the promise of revitalizing the prestigious Cat Fancy brand in order to create […]
Max Bell moves in silence.  You know it’s real when you show her where your mom lives. Russ knows this more than most. After a largely transient childhood, his mother’s residence is, understandably, a sensitive subject. For the still unfamiliar, Russ is a rapper/producer of the white, southern fried stock who went left where Yelawolf went […]
We reflexively define artists in absolutist terms. You’re ostensibly regionally rooted or creatively rootless, but the truth is rarely that one-dimensional. Too Short was raised in LA until high school. Eminem didn’t move to Michigan until age 11. DJ Premier comes from Texas. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you’re from or where you’re at, when […]
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Homer Simpson was once quoted saying that there only two kinds of people who could effectively rock a Hawaiian shirt: big fat party animals and gay guys. But that was the 90s. We are in a new era, bound by no sartorial restrictions or genre strictures. Enter Russ Vitale (performance name: Russ), who subverts unofficial-but-weakening […]
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