echo flyer final(2)

We’re presenting a rap show on Thursday for people who like rap shows. Maybe you enjoy a good old fashioned rap show? If not, maybe you have accidentally clicked onto the wrong site. The confusion may be my fault. We are in the promise of revitalizing the prestigious Cat Fancy brand in order to create synergy with — our latest acquisition at Passion Co. Excuse our dustedness.

Let’s be honest with each other. It feels redundant and corny to give you the hard sell to come to The Echo this Thursday night. 80 percent of you don’t even live in the city of Swaggy P. But if you do and you read this site, you know that these are three of the best rappers who are still not old enough to rent a car. We’ve written about them many times over and if you’re only here for the Gifs of cats driving Kia’s, you can easily play catch-up. These are things we have written about Jonwayne. These are things we have written about Chester Watson. These are things we have written about Russ. Versis will be hosting and performing a few rap songs too. DJ Salinger will be mixing Nine’s “Whatchu Want” into a reading of 9 Stories. It will be a most excellent adventure.

Tickets are $10 in advance and on-sale now. Buy them here or pay $12 at the door. Surprise guests and free cats are promised. The only catch is that you must name them after one of the staff writers. I recommend Abe Beame. I’m posting a bunch of songs from the artists below because that is what you do when you run a weblog or an online magazine if you’re into being casual.

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