Will Schube talks with Ryley Walker about writing lyrics, working with a producer, getting older, and comedy.
Will Schube lists his favorite rock albums of 2016 thus far, and takes a look at some standout tracks from July.
Will Schube is too folk to die Tthe re-emergence of the folk-Americana canon is exciting. Steve Gunn’s Way Out Weather was my favorite record of 2014, and William Tyler’s consistency is a marvel. It’s time to add Ryley Walker to the exponentially increasing list. The northern-Illinois born guitarist crafts the sort of jams both Tyler […]
Will Schube is gonna Eat At Joe’s The re-emergence of guitar-centric folk music is indebted to the great work we’ve been exposed to courtesy of re-issue labels and the ever expanding cartography of the internet. Michael Chapman’s Fully Qualified Survivor is now a touchstone for many young songwriters, thanks to the work of Light in […]