The Rap Up returns with new ones from Captain Murphy, DJ Quik, Juicy J, and more.
Drew Millard explains how the best anonymous artist since Burial made an insanely good album.
This reminds me of Vince Gilligan directing an adaptation of Rushmore. Or maybe Wes Anderson doing Breaking Bad if it was set in Houston. Or probably neither. As the title screen tells you: Spark Master Tape inspired Relapse. Guns, goons, and masks. No cameos from the Hanson’s due to budgetary constraints. Despite their Christian values, […]
It seems strange to construct an artificial binary between Spark Master Tape and someone like Yung Lean, the atonal Swede teen Tumblr minstrel. For one, they’re both being promoted by Mishka. For two, no one outside of the guys in the Houston boiler room video have much of a claim on regional heritage. We’re somewhere […]
B. Michael Payne owns stock in both Fanta and jolly ranchers. There’s a version of this piece that doesn’t play the Guess The Race Game. I think we can all agree the Guess the Race Game is the worst. But there are many, many pieces to the Spark Master Tape experience that lend themselves to […]