Max Bell interviews rising Buffalo rapper Westside Gunn alongside the premiere of his new project, Roses Are Red...So is Blood.
Max Bell may have heard that. It’s mostly the voice (© Guru). You can be a technically great rapper but sound like you’re reading a textbook aloud. I’ll leave names out and let you throw darts at your favorite Twitter pincushion. Tree doesn’t have this problem. His gravelly last-swisher rasp is somewhere between Tom Waits […]
Max Bell is everywhere, July 2012. I have my pineapple haze stashed in the Batcave. My oil paintings are perfectly placed over my fireplace. And my Gucci’s with the red and green laces are on point. I am Roc Marciano. That was actually a dream I had — a movie I wish I starred in. […]
Have you ever been really really high and looked into your wallet, pulled out a dollar bill and Roc Marciano started speaking to you? He tells you to fuck what the Bible says and hustle until your final days. Vinyls play while you are crowned with pineapple haze accolades. You start wondering  whether its a […]