The Rap Up returns with words on an Eminem remix, a new track from Your Old Droog, and more.
Donna-Claire speaks with Your Old Droog about his early days in New York, collaborating with Danny Brown, and his new album, 'Packs.'
Brian Josephs watches Stacey Dash on Fox News on mute. You Old Droog sounds like Nas. Admittedly that does look good on paper, but I can’t think of an image of Nas nefariously wringing his hands in the studio every time I put on the Your Old Droog EP. I gotta confront his bland spectrum […]
Harold Stallworth is but one of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s many pen names. With the release of his self-titled debut EP, an elusive Coney Island-based rapper by the name of Your Old Droog has leapfrogged the likes of Ali Vegas, Mic Geronimo, The Game, and Biggie’s mock baby picture to become the most convincing Nas impersonator […]