After a decade-long wait, the New York legend preps his debut.
Miguel Gone Wild July 9, 2015
The return of the R&B Game, Leon Phelps
"I Love You, Honeybear" is an ode to any and everyone who knows that everything is doomed and nothing will be spared.
Eric Biddines (rapper) and Paul White (producer) make "Golden Rules."
Skate to the bodega, go get a Faygo and a Magnum.
Ratking are back with an understated bounce
Thomas Johnson is more Paul Coffey than Mark Messier Edmonton isn’t exactly a hub for entertainment. Mac Demarco has started to get some international recognition with his latest two albums, and Cadence Weapon has been doing his thing for the better part of a decade now on the indie rap circuit. Otherwise, no waves bigger […]
Like Huey Lewis & the News, Thomas Johnson was born out of time. Since Detroit’s heyday, people have been trying to recapture its essence. In the past decade though, the 60’s soul revival has peaked. There’s no fault in being indebted to greatness, but while a few have put out some fantastic work, like Raphael […]
Thomas Johnson is hyper as a heart attack Chicago’s been in a predicament over the last few years. While the quality of its music is steadily on the rise, the quality of life of many of those making the music has been on a steep decline. Drill scene artists  like Chief Keef reflect the warzone […]