Now a veteran at only 28, Wiki has maintained his position as an alternative rap innovator.
Will Hagle takes a look at two new videos from Wiki of Ratking.
Ratking are back with an understated bounce
If Brian Josephs was the Big Apple, he'd be hard to the core. And he'd make sure Ka was king, and all was good.
Dewey Decibel is freestyling right now over coffee and brunch This summer mix is a compilation of my top played tracks in my iTunes right now, an eclectic mixture of tracks that I have been banging on the regular. There is usually a track that comes along while I am grinding on some graphic design […]
The New York rap trio Ratking (Wiki, Hak, & Sporting Life) ran up through the Cosmic Zoo shortly after their Coachella performance. We discussed their excellent new XL album, “So It Goes,” taking inspiration from grime, Big Pun, and Dipset, the Eminem comparisons, Kurt Vonnegut, and how New York factors into their aesthetic. In addition, […]
Will Hagle is Originoo Gunn Clappa #4 So It Goes begins with an asterisk. Just as Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball sits in Cooperstown adorned with baseball’s equivalent of a scarlet letter, the Ratking LP needs to be prefaced. The stage is set perfectly with the spoken word intro that kicks off album opener […]