Featuring Lil Herb, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Migos, Lord Byron, Montana of 300 and Kid Cudi.
The young Chicagoan with the middle-aged mind reflects on the loss of yet another friend on his latest mixtape.
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Ghostface, Chef, Cam & China, Sauce Walka, DOOM, Vito, Herb, Bronson, Del Fresco
People change, but seasons don’t. There are only so many phases and in the rap world circa 2014, there is enough diversity where one of the ideas floating around will always be in. This isn’t 90s revival, but the same ideas are applied. Thudding minimal drums, minor chord piano lines roughly 5 degrees sunnier than […]
New dad Abe Beame gushes about his second favorite son Lil Herb
Thomas Johnson is hyper as a heart attack Chicago’s been in a predicament over the last few years. While the quality of its music is steadily on the rise, the quality of life of many of those making the music has been on a steep decline. Drill scene artists  like Chief Keef reflect the warzone […]
Deen drinks with Scarface every weekend. Messrs Herb & Bibby first came to my attention circa 2012 when I came across their remake of Project Pat’s classic, “My Hood.” A remake isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to gain attention in 2014 and the same was true back in 2012 when we all thought the […]
By Deen
150 Degrees of Lil Herb November 14, 2013
Lil Herb and Lil Bibby have been bubbling for a while now in the Chiraq guns flashing, rap-as-inferno lane, but I have never written about them due to negative association stemming from my aversion to all Bibby’s dating back to Mike (and maybe Henry). I’ve been watching a lot of NWA and Eazy E lately […]