Migos Go to Chinatown September 25, 2013
The Migos pull out all the stops in their video for “Chinatown,” save for a cameo from Manny Pacquiao as the plug that looks like Pacquiao. It could also use the white boy holding the ice popsicles. The bando is the restaurant from Rush Hour. The Grauman’s Chinese gets the inclusion even though it’s six […]
This is not suitable for a Monday morning. It’s probably not suitable for any morning. The Devil’s Harbinger seethes with a condemned fury that you’d expect from its name and title. A few months ago, The Devil hit me up to explain his latest project. Prior to donning his new nom de doom, he was […]
Slava P is Toronto’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I present to you Roney, Toronto’s Chief Keef. Before we get into the music, let’s just clear up any misconceptions whether or not Toronto even has any rough areas. Public housing is scattered throughout the Greater Toronto Area and it contains a majority of the bad apples in the […]