In newspapers, the 30th issue often signifies the end of a print run (at least that’s what Ray Manzarek told me). However, Nocando and I have already taped our 31st episode so Shots Fired shall prevail at least a little while longer. Of course, ratings can always increase, which is why we brought on Worldstar […]
The World Star Weekly July 30, 2012
Goths dancing to Lil B. The apocalypse is upon us. It’s painfully hilarious. Shawnna and Chella H are very late. But fuck it…Chi City Bitch. Tone Loc could never have predicted this. D-Will is thinking about opting out of his shoe contract.
The Week in WorldStar June 29, 2012
Max Bell trawls WorldStar so you don’t have to. You Might Laugh, You Might Cry A message to the Instagram junkie: No matter how much you say you haven’t switched, here’s what they think about you. Snoop & GGN. Church. Preach. Tabernacle. Cat & Cow Pose. Peep the comments section for hilariousness. (Or: Ask Jeff […]
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