Like Eazy E, Douglas Martin has the last werdz. On 2011’s Watch the Throne — that year’s favorite hip-hop album of many a white person who only listens to (at most) three hip-hop albums in any given 365 — Kanye West co-starred with Jay-Z in an expensively produced piece about being self-made black men in […]
Yeezus Pieces: Adam Wray June 20, 2013
Adam Wray is still waiting. I’m not ready to pass judgment on Yeezus. Its early appraisers no doubt feel they’ve got a handle on it, and I’ve surely read some thoughtful, nuanced takes, but I have a hard time making a quick reckoning with works so polarizing. I’m too skeptical of my own ears and […]
Yeezus Pieces: Abe Beame June 19, 2013
Let me begin by saying how amazing it is to live in a time when the “finest” minds of our generation have spent a week exhaustively parsing the merits of an album called Yeezus. God bless the internet. I think this album is remarkable in many ways, few of which have much to do with […]
My formal thoughts on Yeezus Christo, the Deistic Fister live at MTV Hive. Read them if you’re interested. In short, I think you’re all right. Everyone, yes, even you. Well, maybe not the guy who wrote that thing at Reddit. The truth about Yeezus is that it’s a divisive record because there are large parts […]
Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out a roundtable on Yeezus. Jonah Bromwich is up first. One of the biggest issues separating music critics from fans is the critics’ constant demand for reinvention. For the most part, a fan of any given artist would be happy to hear their favorite album remade again […]