Adam Wray is eyeing up your name ring To speak generally about footwork in 2014 is reductive at best – about as useful as taking your ‘09 Civic to represent the entire field of automotive design. What began in the late 1990s as an off-shoot of ghetto house has grown into a subgenre with tremendous […]
Adam Wray is recruiting Andrew Wiggins for Team OVO PARTYNEXTDOOR don’t get no respect. His self-titled debut was as promising as anything released last year but got relatively little love. His production is bold and adventurous, but critics focus on his conventional vocals. It may be tough to keep napping on him, though – he’s […]
Adam Wray only needs two things: good friends and a good flask. On paper, the Songs From Scratch series sounds like a bad idea – there are so, so many ways for arranged, sneaker-sponsored collaborations to go wrong. You have to hand it to adidas and Yours Truly, though, because the experiment has yielded as […]
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Adam Wray is flexing like a young Carlos Delgado.  Sometimes it feels as though there’s nothing left to be digitized. Bootlegs, dubplates, cassette-only releases – we have done an excellent job of reproducing and sharing that which was not intended to be reproduced and shared. Of course, there are dark spots on the map – […]
Adam Wray wrote this from the cloak room at Berghain. Whether you liked Yeezus or not, you must admit that the circumstances of its creation are compelling. Rick Rubin checking in in the fourth quarter to play reducer. Daft Punk offering the grimiest sounds they’ve put to tape in over 15 years. It’s the youth, […]
Yeezus Pieces: Adam Wray June 20, 2013
Adam Wray is still waiting. I’m not ready to pass judgment on Yeezus. Its early appraisers no doubt feel they’ve got a handle on it, and I’ve surely read some thoughtful, nuanced takes, but I have a hard time making a quick reckoning with works so polarizing. I’m too skeptical of my own ears and […]
Adam Wray has never even been to Mount Vesuvius. I have this memory that’s triggered any time I hear Fleetwood Mac’s “You Make Loving Fun”: I’m blasting down the Pacific Coast Highway in a white convertible, carving corners a little too fast, and golden hour sunshine is glinting off a calm ocean. It feels hyperreal, […]
Adam Wray also likes Coney. Detroit’s Kyle Hall may only be 21, but the mix he’s assembled for Resident Advisor’s podcast is veteran’s work. No surprise for heads who’ve been paying attention – Hall was 16 when his first 12″ was released on Omar-S’ FXHE imprint. Since then, Hall’s put out a steady stream of […]
Adam Wray is buying cheese and records on his lunch break. Just like every baseball nut is an armchair GM, every music nerd is an executive producer in their own mind. We’d all love to Rick Rubin our favorite act’s next project, to push them in the direction we feel they should be headed. Such […]
You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist whose catalogue is as universally beloved as Marvin Gaye’s. From his immortal duets with Tammi Terrell, to the smooth, meditative song cycle of What’s Going On, to his arsenal of beloved slow jams, Marvin’s tunes are more than pop music – they’re an indelible part of our culture. […]