I’m a sucker for free things. Take me to Costco and chances are I’ll amble the aisles for hours inhaling cheese cubes, downing shots of bourbon I can’t afford, and stealing lawn chairs when dull-eyed employees have their back turned. Perhaps you too like free things. If so, this is an epiphany worthy of Frito’s revelation in Idiocracy that other people also like sex and money. In conjunction with the show on Friday, some of Los Angeles’ finest music blogs have graciously agreed to give away tickets on their sites. Should you be interested in attending, you should head to the sites below to win a chance to see a show that some critics are already predicting will be better than the Beatles on acid jamming with Syd Barrett and Brother Lynch Hung. Of course, all of these blogs are highly recommended reads that you should bookmark or add to your RSS feed — as is the style at the time.

Web In Front

Radio Free Silverlake

Aquarium Drunkard

You Set the Scene

MP3: The Knux – “Fuck You”

MP3: Nocando – “Hurry Up and Wait” 

ZIP: 5 0′ Clock Shadowboxers – Broken Clocks EP (Left-Click)
MP3: The Holloys – “Lake Land”

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