August 11, 2010


Sach is currently somewhere in Europe. His exacts whereabouts are unknown, but rumors put him somewhere near the Rhine River, heavily bearded and cavorting with a trio of attractive Latvian women. He only left behind this mix and a desire to be buried with the funk. No one is quite sure what that means, but the sentiment was delivered passionately and emphatically.

A tracklist is below the jump, along with a secret map of the subway tunnels underneath Frankfurt.


ZIP:  Sach O’s Before I Leave For the Summer Jam–Nu-Neon Funk Mix

MixCloud Link

1. Kito-“L.F.O (Ft Reija Lee)”
2. Ginz & Baobinga-“The Good Stank”
3. Kavsrave-“Tightly Closed”
4. Starkey-“Neck Snap”
5. Siren-“Summertime In Oakland”
6. Swindle-“Molly”
7. Src-“Gold Coinz”
8. Sub Focus-“Could Be Real (Joker Remix)”
9. Rusko-“On My Mind”
10. Skream-“Where You Should Be”
11. Debruit-“Taxi”

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