September 8, 2010

Over the weekend, Pop & Hiss ran a Q&A that I did with Don Cornelius, the ex-host of Soul Train.  If you’re interested, we talk his tenure at the greatest dance show ever, his initial reluctance to play hip-hop, and why I would be willing to wear polyester to have lived through the 70s. The occasion was the release of a triple-disc Best of Soul Train set, that Time Life is currently pushing.

While I’m loathe to tell you to spend your money on anything other than expensive cognacs and Magic Cards (they are the future, yo), you probably will not find $25 more well spent. For those too young to have seen Soul Train in its prime, the discs are little short of revelation. Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Barry White, The O’ Jays, the Jackson 5, Aretha Franklin, et. al, in their classic afro’d and leather prime.  It even features old Afro-Sheen commercials. Because 99.8 percent of you will not buy anything that Bit Torrent offers for free, a dozen epic Soul Train clips below the jump. Obviously, none of which will top Magic Johnson getting down.

MP3: The O’ Jays-“Back Stabbers”

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