November 30, 2010

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Between Killer Mike getting MTV2 airplay and Rick Ross becoming the new pitchman for Dove Soap, it’s the best time for overweight rappers since Pun dropped “It’s So Hard.” I just lost 100 lbs., I’m trying to liiive. Granted, this video has T.I making down south Zoolander faces at the camera, but female outreach is a crucial part of the industry. There are not enough superlatives to lavish on No I.D.’s beat: the assassin at the door pianos, the sinuous chopped vocals, the almost glitchy drums. At the very least, this deserves to be on television more than Outsourced. If there are any aspiring sitcom scribes out there, your idea is fully-formed: two husky, gruff-voiced rhymers get paired with a shaggy-haired teen prodigy (Bieber) and are forced to alternately guide his career, thwart his hare-brained schemes and ensure that he gets to bed at a reasonable hour.  Ready, set, action.

MP3: Killer Mike ft. T.I. – “Ready, Set, Go”

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