January 24, 2011

DJ Rashad / DJ Spinn “SPACE JUKE” from Jon Casey on Vimeo.

Forest and Jon for distilling the dizzy movements of Chicago’s footwork scene into a pair of high-quality music videos. Presented by the footwork/juke artist collective Ghettophiles, these clips are stunning illustrations of why the Juke kids’s sound and style crossed continents to become last year’s big UK dance trend, spawning epic homages from Ramadanman and Addison Groove, and inspiring a bunch of bad British dance moves.

To me, it feels like watching skateboarding without the board, feet moving with shell game velocity and the out-of-breath beats trying to catch up. But those looking for a real breakdown on juke and its history would be well served to check out Miles Raymer’s Chicago Reader article from last year — as well as Sach’s rave-up on the DJ Nate and DJ Rashad records pressed by Planet Mu. Otherwise, just take Dude N’ Em’s ancient advice and watch their feet.

DJ Rashad/DJ Manny/DJ Spinn “GHOST (TREES)” from Jon Casey on Vimeo.

MP3: DJ Nate – “Find Your Dreams”
MP3: DJ Rashad – “Itz not Rite”
MP3: Mike Paradinas – Juke Mix

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