April 26, 2012

Deen owns four Lexus coupes in homage to “It Was Written.

Funny fact: when the industry took their money with them back to Atlanta (or Miami or Chicago) or wherever the fuck is “next,” the folks in Houston didn’t stop making music. Good music for that matter. Slim Thug was alway my personal favorite of the bunch of MCs that got deals post- Lil’ Flip, when the labels tried to take advantage of what’s arguably the most influential of rap hotbeds (for my money, it’s New York then a 3-way battle between LA, Memphis and Houston).

Late last year, Thugga (and he’ll always be “The Boss” to me – what’s it about that rap moniker and “fraudy” rappers – excluding Slim of course?) dropped a pretty decent mixtape simply titled Houston. I imagine most of you didn’t bother listening, but I’m not mad at you. Shit happens. It’s filled with exactly what you’d expect: screwed vocals, slightly more melodic takes on the Lex Luger template (via GL Productions) and lyrics about typical Houston shit I won’t bother listing. Oh and Slim invited most of the new Houston cats you need to hear to the party, along with some of your old favorites or irritants, depending on how you feel about predictable similes, white people and non-sweary rapping.

Even though both songs have virtually nothing in common other than their titles, I’d like to think of this offering as an update on UGK’s “Fuck My Car”  (Bun B’s video cameo makes me feel just fine about doing that.) The OGs have the superior song, but Kirko Bangz’s hook and Doughbeezy’s verse make for a very solid song. Slim Thug basically does what Slim Thug does. I’ve always dug the clear molasses flow, so he’s good money with this listener. This is the part where I’m supposed to go off on a tangent about how Kirko Bangz is so much more (well, maybe not THAT much) than a Drake clone, but I already did that a while ago and the racializer in me won’t let me defend a light skin nigga more than once a month (Driicky Graham got the April honors last week), so I’ll chill for now.

Now back to the plantation so I can afford a car that might make women want to fuck me. I can’t rely on my dimples and easy charm forever…

MP3: Slim Thug ft. Kirko Bangz et. al (Left-Click)
ZIP: Slim Thug – Houston (Left-Click)

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