June 13, 2012

Deen’s rap name is Fanute Bol.

Hello there.

Every so often, even we get a little jaded with all the brilliant musical analysis and criticism we provide here at Passion of the Weiss. Yes, it’s true. Sometimes, music critics and bloggists just want to chill, put away a few sliders and read a copy of Italian Vogue.

Now you’re wondering “how do these vaguely metrosexual urges apply to me, the reader?” Well, they don’t. Don’t worry about it. We take no days off here because we really care. So now I’ll get back to the music.

What we have here is a grown ass man rapping in some salmon (not pink or fuschia – critical distinction) colored pants. Rapping and gesticulating energetically, I might add. This gentleman is also wearing a salmon-colored shirt in combination with a hat that may have single-headedly been responsible for the San Antonio Spurs’ failure to fanute that awesome “Shook Ones Pt. 2” commercial into an NBA Championship. I’ll also have you notice the expert employment of what was a very popular trend last spring – color blocking. If T.I.’s fishy getup and Trey’s mustard jacket have anything to say (other than that they only came for “2 Reasons”) it, color blocking will continue into the summer. Fuck Anna Wintour.

One last point: I think we’re all relieved that we don’t have to throw our jean jackets away just yet or cut the sleeves off for that matter (taking fashion advice from Jadakiss will always be a bad idea). I know I spent a lotta money on my jean jacket. Thankfully, all the trendsetting going on in this video is all in service of what I consider to be an excellent summer song and regular readers know that I’ve been clamoring for THAT summer jam. This isn’t quite it due to a slight surfeit of class and color, but I think we’re getting close. I’m giddy. Pause?

For an even more casual, yet classy (isn’t that dichotomy amazing?) look I present to you the Nigerian parrot pop savants P-Square. And look at who they have in tow with them – the darkest pop star ever, Akon, and the biggest bawse we have seen thus far, Rick Rawse. If you’ll permit me a brief tangent from all this music talk, I think it’s nice that the identical twins in P-Square have chosen distinct hairstyles to help us differentiate them – and by “us” I mean other black people. I know you “others” still can’t tell them apart.

But back to the music. The sartorial choices in this video reveal the simple, yet effective power of contrast. As a fellow darkie, I’ve long known that the bitches will flock when you let that pristine white pop on the darkness. They can’t resist that shit. Case in point – all the pretty, curly haired bitches in this “Beautiful Onyinye” video. It’s clear to me that they aren’t there because they were hired to be there or because of the yatch or jewels on display. They’re there for the contrast. I really can’t defend the white framed shades or the G-Unit tanktops or the 90s R&B open shirt dancing or the capri pants (especially the fucking capri pants – SMH), but the “all-white-everything” look is where it’s at. I mean, if Rawse is doing it then it’s gotta be worth something, right? He’s the biggest rapper in the world right now! And the best part is that in 2012 you CAN wear white AFTER labor day. Fuck old-fashioned etiquette. Even back in the 1920s Coco Chanel (THE Coco Chanel!) was breaking that silly “no white after labor day” rule, so who are you to not prolong the magic?

Oh and the song sucks. Mostly because it sounds like every other P-Square ballad I’ve heard and for a few other reasons I can’t be bothered to write about without triggering a race war.

Music writing can be so boring sometimes…


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