June 15, 2012

Max Bell is sparking one for Mike Myers’ career.

I doubt that if ‘Michael Jackson came alive right now’ he would want you to spark one for him. And I call GZA and those eight other guys he rapped with some of my greatest math teachers so you might have to check my math, but the square root of a kilo isn’t Rick Ross.

Regardless, this track has a bunch of squares talking (rapping is a term I’m trying not to use as loosely these days). Maybe Meek Mill is entertaining once or twice. I’ll say he does a decent job at painting a picture of all of MMG holding it down at the Olive Garden, which is definitely where they hold all of their meetings. ‘When you’re here, you’re family.’

But that’s about it. Until…finally, and thankfully, after relatively seven minutes of people talking and that girl I’ve never seen, but still want to get down with, saying “Maybach Music” a hundred times (Approximately. Again, check my math) we have Kendrick Lamar. And he’s rapping. Big fucking surprise. It’s like sitting through a movie because you paid your money for it and being pleasantly surprised when it becomes clear the budget was blown on the last scene.

It’d be nice to leave it there, but I’m reminded that Meek Milli said, ‘We the only thing to talk about,” after his verse. Fuck me.

MP3: Maybach Music Group ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Power Circle (Left-Click)

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