What Goes Around: Links for June 24 – July 3

Links compiled by Max Bell. Inspiration via Grand Puba. People Like Lists (So Meta): http://www.complex.com/music/2012/06/the-50-best-albums-of-2012-so-far/ In which Complex continues to suck us in...
By    July 3, 2012

Links compiled by Max Bell. Inspiration via Grand Puba.

People Like Lists (So Meta): http://www.complex.com/music/2012/06/the-50-best-albums-of-2012-so-far/
In which Complex continues to suck us in with their lists, surely disappointing some and vindicating others, giving Ross the #1 spot and listing albums that have yet to be released. #AnotherComplexList

In which Potholes offers a brief counter to the exhaustive Complex list (see above) and gives Cancer 4 Cure its rightful spot atop the throne.

A best of list for the heads. MMM…Food.
#UndergroundStillExists…Sort of.

The winners of the BET Awards.

In which Batman is unfairly given the short shrift, but ultimately fucks hotter women.

In which “Jeremy” doesn’t crack the top 20.

People Ask Questions. Some People Answer.


In which Fif sounds more articulate than everyone in the room and speaks on how quickly the last ten years have gone by, his new album, signing Chief Keef, his recently squashed beef with Oprah, the competiveness of the rap game, and calls Diddy’s last album ‘garbage.’


In which Luda needs to buy a bigger beater and talks about his new album, the movies, and working with Bieber, in addition to okaying it for grown-men to listen to Bieber.


In which Bronsolino convinces a kid to try tea flavored ice cream, speaks on his past/upcoming projects, spits more quotables, and mimes shooting his load all over Eavvon O’Neal, who clearly wants a new job.

In which Nas talks.

In which Narduar the Human Serviette interviews Asher Roth about calling a radio show to report being caught playing strip poker, sliz cups, The White Rapper Show, and other white things.

In which Open Mike Eagle talks about 4NML HSPTL and how good he is at rap and stuff. #TourDeForce

Big Tits talks about an album with Little Tits.

In which Aesop makes light of his new masterpiece.

Wes does Wes.

Bill Said Life is a Stage

In which Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire tries to spit hot fire on the Eric Andre Show while two dudes in green and orange cartoon-looking suits pour Mountain Dew on him.

In which Danny Brown proves he should be the newest cast member of Community and Schoolboy Q is way too hood for his hoodie.

You Might Rip This

In which Steady Bloggin brings us a poetic justice from the obscure $amhill.

In which Premier breaks us off with a new MC Eiht track.

Dam-Funk is Dean Moriarity.

Pigeons and Planes gives you a list of shit to play as you scrape the bird shit off your hood.

Johnny Depp finally gets his rap song.

Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Like and Shit

Some shit about RZA’s highly anticipated Tarrantino produced kung-fu flick, The Man with the Iron Fists.

In which Masta Ace is J.J. Gittes.

The poster for that RZA movie.

Snoop arrested for weed possession.

Mike Tyson soundboard: “I’ve been robbed of most of my money. Can I at least get a blow job?”

Kathy Griffin says Danny and A$ap can run a train.

100 riffs in 12 minutes.

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