July 18, 2012

This site’s aesthetic is easy to describe. Dirty, dusty, drugged. Digital or analog, the drums ought to clap, the guitars should be sharp, the raps rugged, the fuzz should be ferocious. Okay, you get it. Unless, of course, the song is good and then all subjective preferences are packed off on a floating iceberg. Belle & Sebastian and Shabazz Palaces can co-exist peacefully. As you were.

Gaslamp Killer makes it easy. His sensibilities are always in line. Raw psych rock, gangsta rap, and hard-core beats blend with a contrarian streak as long as his hair (also a selling point). I once asked him who his favorite Native Tongues rapper was and he told me Chi Ali. “Flange Face” is a mindfuck of twisted metal psych, a synth collection forged out of scrap metal, all the usual favoritest things. Should you not know the math, skim the archives. Breakthrough comes out Sept. 18 on Brainfeeder. Stock up on Ibogaine now.


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