October 9, 2012

Son Raw might start a petition. Or he might smoke something. Either or.

Rinse FM is known for a tough-love approach to programming, mercilessly updating its roster to reflect current trends and musical styles. That’s all good, but the losing the Anti-Social show a few months back hurt my soul. Why Rinse? Was there no demand for laid-back Sunday evening vibes by people looking to end the weekend on a high note? It’s enough to make me want to riot, or at least write angry online diatrabes but while it won’t quite make up for the lack of a weekly show, this all-Deep Medi mix by the crew’s resident selecta Jay5 will do in a pinch. Alongside material from fellow Anti-Social members Silkie, Quest and V.I.V.E.K, there’s an excellent selection of recent releases by Mala, Skream, Goth-Trad and the rest of Dubstep’s strongest roster. While Hyperdub has cornered the album market for forward-thinking bass music this year, there’s no doubt that singles-wise, Mala’s house of Bass has been quietly gaining a second wind, releasing fantastic music that’s as heavy as it is creative. If you don’t browse Juno every week looking for tunes, this is an excellent opportunity to get familiar.

MP3: Jay5 – Deep Medi Mix

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