October 12, 2012

Son Raw is draped in mauve.

Motorbikes? Check. Angry robots set to buzzsaw synths? Check. The color purple? Check. Sci-fi apocalypticism and funky futurism? Double check. Joker’s latest video meets all of the basic aesthetic requirements for a Mad Max reboot while keeping true to the Bristolian’s own analog-powered vision of life after a GOP victory. While last year’s The Vision didn’t exactly light critics’ hearts a flutter, his particular style of melodic Dubstep remains a singular light within the movement, particularly now that lesser producers have moved on to tech-house retreads or warmed-over 808 workouts. Old Era may not significantly upgrade his style, but it’s a club-tested and headphone-approved reminder that despite some unfortunate nomenclature “wonky” and “purple” were ideas abandoned too soon by a generation that too-quickly embraced the EDM mainstream’s standardized formats. Funk never goes out of style.

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