Speaking of the apocalypse and 808 workouts, this unexpected video by DJ Muggs finds the Cypress Hill producer looking like the rap game Machette while soundtracking a bizarro world version of million dollar baby where Hillary Swank is a trap-a-holic. On one hand, it’s utterly bizarre to see one of the originators of sample-based Hip-Hop go back to the drum machine sounds he once made irrelevant but on the other, this is significantly better than Cypress Hill’s Brostep phase. Plus, it’s nice to see a veteran competing with Araabmuzik and co. on their own terms instead of waiting for a phone call from Kanye West to co-produce a track with 17 layers of instrumentation and a kazoo solo. The EP this is taken from also supposedly has guest spots by A$AP Rocky and Chuck Inglish so I’ll reserve my right to be optimistic until I hear fighting robots.

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