October 16, 2012


Son Rawizm

Dubstep originator Skream has had a quiet year since the birth of his son and the slightly overwrought, epic, tranced out single that followed. I suppose parenting  takes up the time he previously used downing Stella and pumping out Madlibian amounts of skunked out music. Thankfully, his twitter game has remained on point, and having just reached 100 thousand follower’s, he’s dropped more unreleased selections from the depths of his hard drive. Frankly I’m surprised there’s anything left: by my count he’s now given away 53 tracks over the years as part of the Freeizm series, more than the entire recorded output of some of his contemporaries. Loefah, take note!

The selection spans the gamut from technoid minimalism (Lemon Drive, Hazey Mind) to dubwise meditations (Smokers, Passion) to the kind of mentalist freakouts that’ll drive anyone over the age of 30 to the brink of despair (Fuckin’ Nutter, Woinky.) In short, it’s more proof that the mid aughts produced some of the most interesting music ever made right under the critics’ noses. Skream’s going on tour with Sgt. Pokes for a series of extended 3-hour retrospective sets which will apparently include everything from Dubstep to Disco. Unfortunately, the run is limited to Europe out of fear that North-American ravers will get bored once they realize that fighting robot noises won’t dominate the agenda. Gringos: demand more from your DJs or forever be doomed to the emo-haired one.

MP3: Skream – 100K Freeizm (left click)

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