No need to rephrase what I said last week. Captain Murphy is the obtuse Quasimoto-like alias of a visual-loving and vision quest-searching LA producer. Said producer may or may not have had a Stones Throw internship at one point and may rep the Brainfeeder imprint like a badge.  That’s just my thoughts.

MurphLo told us that this isn’t what we’d expect. It’s not. Duality is a 35 minute mini-movie with found sepia collage footage of old educational films, Simpsons episodes, skin flicks, tribal rituals, psychedelic tint, and scorched larynx, pitched-down dragon raps. So much that I am forcibly restraining myself from letting the acid stay in the freezer. Maybe I’ll save it for Tame Impala this weekend. Maybe this will be the visuals for the after-party. Somewhere a college kid is reading this, cueing this up,  and awaiting his first hallucination. You could do much much worse. As a wise elderly shaman once said: this is trippy, mayne.

Captain Murphy – Duality (Left-Click)

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