For the latest episode of Shots Fired, Nocando and I welcomed IAMSU!. To the non-blog world, Su is best known for rapping on E-40’s “Function” and Sage the Gemini’s “Gas Pedal.” His biggest production is probably Loverance’s “Up,” which I have heard remixed in about 74 variations. If you go deeper into his catalog, he’s probably the best rapper/producer in the Bay right now. He produced half of that excellent Shmop Life tape and his Suzy 6 Speed tape from last fall was similarly stellar. I’m posting it, alongside the new tape from Young Gully (since we’re on topic of the Bay), below the jump. And now this is the part of the blog post where I duck out the way and defer to the episode description:

“Richmond, California rapper and producer Iamsu! joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to talk about the Bay area. They’ll talk about the history of Bay area rap, how Mac Dre changed everything for the Bay, and why you shouldn’t hate on Lil B. Iamsu! also tells us which producers influenced him, how the Bay is coming back, and plays a track from his mixtape “$uzy 6 $peed.” Plus, the guys find out that Chris Brown made a “Shots Fired” song, take a listen to Ray J’s Kanye West diss, and are baffled by LL Cool J’s verse on Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist.”

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 24: Live from the Cosmic Zoo with IAMSU!

ZIP: IAMSU! – Suzy 6 Speed (Left-Click)

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