Easy Yves Saint understands that no one will soon forget the UGK, Z-Ro and Jeezy version of “Get Throwed.” So he brings Bun B into his re-make to make the homage explicit. Rap is never shy about re-making classic songs. Don’t even get me started on French Montana’s ill-fated decision to re-fanute “Ice Cream” featuring Ne-Yo. But unlike most homages, the sometime NiceGuy actually adds something fresh to the original.

The new title comes from his Queens roots transplanted down to the Lone Star state (complete with the requisite brew). Maybe it’s the flow or the literal definition of masonry, but as the man says, this is literally throwed. There is also a Chandler Bing joke in there that should not work, but somehow does– maybe because it’s delivered in a way that you don’t catch it until the third listen.

The track below the jump, complete with candy coated colors and wood grain interior.

MP3: Easy Yves Saint – “NY2PA” (Left-Click)

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