August 30, 2013

It’s been a long time, Son Raw shouldn’t have left you without a hot mix to step to.

I’ve apparently joined a radio show. This isn’t some slacker-baiting turn of phrase – I literally didn’t plan this shit out. After a couple of weeks of guest spots for my homie Rob Habit’s late night Nasty.FM show, he asked me to cover for him for a couple of weeks while he went out to Cali and now he can’t get rid of me. The lesson here is never invite a DJ to spin on your show for more than 2 weeks consecutively. Our usual format is on-air intoxication, bad English accents and a steady mixture of Grime, Garage, UK Funky, Dubstep and weird dark music that don’t make no sense, but the two shows archived in this post are somewhat more subdued due to my lack of mic: straight up 90 minute mix sessions that still contain a surprising amount of shit that don’t make no sense. May they tide you over until my next official mix.

So yeah: Habit & Son Raw (or some combination thereof) will be live on Nasty.FM, Wednesday nights 7-9PM EST, 12-2AM GMT and 4-6 Cali time. Tell a friend. Second show after the jump.

Son Raw on Nasty.FM – 15/08/2013 by Son Raw on Mixcloud

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