September 3, 2013

Son Raw‘s smoking on that purple kush.

You can call it a comeback. Joker’s first run of tunes in the late aughts was truly special, injecting a heavy dose of funk and color into a scene that was on the verge of drowning in its own darkness, but his subsequent pop-ambitions didn’t quite hit their mark. I liked some of them, but it’s hard to deny that he’d gone from top of the class to just another guy mixing tunes with wobbly bass lines. Hype dies fast in the constantly evolving world of bass music.

This free mini album of tunes “inspired by Sega” should help correct this, stripping away any Brostep wubz and yoys in favor of the shiny Sonic The Hedgehog-ready melodies his music always hinted at but never fully indulged in. It’s defiantly insular material, harkening back to the days when Joker was just another kid making fruity loop beats in his house rather than a globe-trotting underground legend, but insular is good when you emerged from a scene that only played music off vinyl until around 2010. Let’s hope this kind of adventurous experimentation is a sign of things to come, and for God’s sake, can someone get a hold of Guido? That guy’s been A.W.O.L for way too long.


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