October 15, 2013

lupe-fiasco-ed-sheeran-old-school-loveDeen still doesn’t give a fuck about your Kangol.

Sometimes, I really wish I had more discipline with regards to this music shit. I tell myself that I’m done or never really got down with a certain artist and I still find myself occasionally listening to their shit . It’s kinda part of the “job,” but I’d really save myself a ton of time and my ears a ton of aching if I could just decide to remain disinterested in some shit and stick to said disinterest. But nope, I just have to meddle constantly.

Case in point, Lupe Fiasco. I’m not sure it’ll any of us any good to rehash all the reasons why a lot of us don’t pay attention to him anymore, but I’ll offer a brief synopsis. I acknowledge that he’s a talented rapper, I never really liked him from jump and I’ve hated him more and more has the years have passed. I’ve also been pleased to notice that a lot of you have joined me on the Lupe hate-train. That said, y’all don’t deserve that much credit, given that he makes it oh so easy. However, I’ll note that I mostly hate him because of his music, not the other shit. The man has a right to his opinions, no matter how daft I think they are.

Anyway, I saw some shit floating around the tweets with his and Ed Sheeran’s names attached. It was Columbus Day, so I figured I’d show some spirit and subject my ears and soul to rape and pillaging. In other words, I meddled with my previously iron-clad “No Lupe Ever” policy. Well, kick me in the junk and call me Lupita: I think this song is fucking great. I don’t understand how someone as annoying and corny as Lupe and a fucking gingerfaced Brit that ISN’T Paul Scholes managed to put together something so pleasant and full of potential.

I haven’t had the time to fully sift through Lupe’s lyrics on this one, but I caught enough to appreciate the nostalgic and vaguely paternal sentiments of the song and Ed Sheeran sounds great on the hook. But I’d suggest that the real star of the show is the production. I don’t know who’s claiming credit, but they might wanna go ahead and throw Kanye some dough before he starts crying about fashion niggas not wanting his ideas again. I could be wrong, but I feel as if I’m hearing a less aggro version of “Family Business” off Kanye’s debut – give a or take an extra piano section or twelve. In any case, it’s dope and I’m a little surprised that Lupe is still capable of doing anything that doesn’t irritate me. This certainly won’t irritate the radio – it’s a great pop song or a Nas song with a white nigga on the hook.

So I guess the point is to try things every so often. You never know what might happen. Nevertheless, I’ll still recommend that you NOT listen to this song on general principle. Why? Well, because fuck Lupe. That’s why. The song good though…

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