Cory Jreamz, lamping in Houston in the Lynchain motel with the blue tint, blue static, and eyes that look like caves. Murder is on his mind more than money and it’s unclear whether it’s intentional or accidental. The video is directed by Jreamz, who is from Houston, and fast becoming the best young rapper/video director out (and not the other way around). The vibes are right if by right vibes you mean murky, eerie, and the sort of thing that would make Dennis Hopper do the Nae Nae. Let that one settle around in the back of your skull. Okay, commence.

This is taken from Cory’s Invictus EP, which came out last year and remains excellent. You can read my interview with him here. He also dropped a new loosie, which I’m posting below the jump because it is called “Gods” and therein the first anti-Normcore diss track. Maybe.

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