July 8, 2014

CORY JREAMZNo time more fitting than now to drop “Berlin Blues,” in which Cory Jreamz of Houston exerts full Teutonic Sturm Und Drang. This is probably not the efficient 4/4 house numbers that Thomas Muller and company are currently celebrating with, but Jreamz gets the black and white German Expressionism tones down pat. In this dream, the 19-year old wakes up in a trance with a high couture cokehead, trance-like and cataleptic. He worries about being the next Jordan Davis, chastises doubters from the time when he was still in school, and achieves an eerie drug-addled neuroses worthy of Yeezus or maybe Kid Cudi if he didn’t want to play slap bracelets with Shia LaBoof. There is also an “Ice Cream” interpolation in the hook, although I believe they call it Eis.

The beat tolls courtesy of Twin Empire, building a thudding and slow paranoia. But not that of the domestic chase scene, but a fittingly subtle psychological stalk. After all, he’s waking up in Berlin not Bakersfield. This is the first single from Jreamz’s forthcoming Berlin, which figures to be the best album called Berlin since that dead guy from the Velvet Underground did it. The album cover, the song, and Jreamz’s previous EP can be found below the jump. For those who don’t know “jump” in German is “sprung.” The Deutsch.

Berlin Blues Final NO TEXT

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