April 22, 2014

dem atlas

Will Hagle got his back all chiseled

This winter may never end. No one understands this more than Rhymesayers, whose Minneapolis headquarters crowned them King of the North long ago (because it’s now impossible to talk about either rap or winter without at least one gratuitous Game of Thrones reference).

Grieves’ recently released Winter & The Wolves has an album cover to match at least the first half of its title. The cover for Atmosphere’s forthcoming Southsiders is similar, depicting what’s probably a typical summer day in Minneapolis.

For his latest video clip, Rhymesayers roster member deM atlaS follows suit and embraces the season, making memories in this coldest winter. The visual coincides with “F=rankln,” the shortest song off deM atlaS’s Charle Brwn EP.

The video finds deM atlaS reciting verses in a frosty field that can’t be far from where the Grieves photo shoot took place. He claims he’s got all that open space and nowhere to shit, but the way he burns through the beat suggests he’s doing alright in that regard.

Although the clip is short and simple, the editing work is done well. The glitches and quick cuts enhance the track’s frenzied nature, as deM atlaS attempts to pack a million syllables into a minute 18 seconds.

deM atlaS employs an undeniable Pharcyde flow throughout “F=rankln” and the rest of Charle Brwn. His production style is also similar to groups of that nature while still fitting in with the Rhymesayers catalog. That’s not a knock on his style — it would be impossible to emulate the Pharcyde, and anything that’s even worthy of comparison should be give due praise.

Weather.com is predicting warmer temperatures for Minneapolis in the near future, but – to stay on my Christopher Lee Rios and finish with a big pun and maybe a Quincey Matthew Hanley II-level oxymoron (if you believe in a fiery jail sentence of an afterlife) – this video remains cold as hell.

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