Son Raw speaks with Miss Red about her new LP, 'K.O.,' growing up in Israel, and making music with The Bug.
submerse soundtracks the hours you shouldn't be awake.
Passion of the Weiss takes the week to celebrate the life and mourn the death of David Bowie.
New Dancehall mix by Berlin-Via-Montreal rudegyal Vilify for the Passion of the Weiss mix series. Do the dutty wine to it.
No time more fitting than now to drop “Berlin Blues,” in which Cory Jreamz of Houston exerts full Teutonic Sturm Und Drang. This is probably not the efficient 4/4 house numbers that Thomas Muller and company are currently celebrating with, but Jreamz gets the black and white German Expressionism tones down pat. In this dream, […]
Son Raw sees you lurking More ultra-dark, gunshot festooned beats from ‘di man like Visionist, this time on Berlin-based electronic label Leisure Sounds. This probably means we’re about 6 months away from dark instrumental Grime becoming really cool and its inevitable absorption into the all-consuming Berghain sound. The Teutonic dance hive mind does not fuck […]