PersyceJordan Pedersen doesn’t usually smoke, but pass the dro.

“I smoke blunts to the face to stay motivated.”

Really? Maybe I should switch to sativa, but just about every joint I’ve ever had makes me want to put my feet up and watch Adventure Time.

Those of us who wake up a bit more traditionally have thus far lacked a true rappity rap anthem for the the unholy black substance that gets us up in the morning. Aesop Rock gave us “Coffee,” but Ian Bavitz continues to be the rap game Charlie Kaufman, so who knows what he’s actually talking about. Heavy D made “Black Coffee,” but I have to assume that’s about butts. There’s Yung Joc’s “Coffee Shop,” but you can’t say Yung Joc’s name more than twice or else he’ll appear.

Orlando producer/MC Persyce doesn’t forgo herbal remedies entirely, but based on “The Coffee and Kush Lounge,” he’s most likely a Tonx member. Over a syrupy, Spaceghostpurrp-style haunted house banger, Syce deliberates over whether to grind his weed or his beans first. I wish he would’ve continued with this kind of satisfying detail, because other than a few other nice juxtapositions – “can I get a latte/with the killer bombay” – the track relies on a few too many pat tropes about places he’d like to put his dick and such.

But Persyce can rap his ass off – he’s clearly studied his Twista – and he’s got a great way with a hook. “Lounge” will do nicely for anybody who loves Piñata but sort of wishes all of Gibbs’ songs sounded like “Kush Cloud.”

The Coffee and Kush Lounge is out August 27th.

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