Will Hagle
Writer from Champaign in Los Angeles
The new Black Star album could have been a reminder of the web’s great potential, rather than another easily-mockable example of its worst qualities.
The Essential Shower Mix April 29, 2022
Music has been as essential to showering as water since ancient humans first dumped buckets over their heads, so Will Hagle created the de facto playlist for the occasion.
Will Hagle chops it up with Odd-Future-affiliate, Na-Kel, about his time as a pro skater, his cathartic verse on "DNA", and how he found his voice in hip-hop.
A Luda Look Back January 27, 2022
At age 44, with IMDB credits lengthier than his streamable discography, Chris Bridges has transcended his delineation as Ludacris the Rapper, but he had an incredible run.
On Earl's latest, he finds clarity in a world diminished by a sickness that's been here long before the pandemic.
Dolph’s music was grandiose and self-mythologizing. It helped him become what he viewed himself as: a story bigger than himself. He will be missed.
The concert might be the destination, but for Will Hagle, it's all about the winding journey that inevitably leads to missing a few shows.
Rythm Discord music bot offlined on September 15, another sad day of music disappearing from the internet at the whims of corporate interest.
Will Hagle breaks down IDLES and slowthai's sarcastic takedown of that all-too-familiar small down where people start sentences with “I’m not a racist but…”
After more than a decade of development, G Herbo is a longtime veteran who just released his most complete project to date.